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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Err, Whatever
I'm getting pretty bad about checking my feeds on a timely basis (I've got another 2100 sitting in NNW now) but Grokster made some deal with someone about something involving those obscure copyright-wingish things.

I used to give a damn about how many people the RIAA/MPAA was suing that day but you know. I could care less at this point. The little music I really enjoy I've either already digitized, get from artists who release under Creative Commons licenses, or by from not a big name label groups usually found though podcasts. There are a a few exceptions, an occasional classic rock song I don't have already or a full CD like Verve Remixes (unlike most of the RIAA approved content, they aren't dreak) but over all I stopped caring about what type of anti-american activities they're up to.

Blessed internet.

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