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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Blogs to Read
Graduate from the Electoral College. I was talking about how borked the electoral college is in our modern society, before and after the '04 election. However, he does it much, much better than I can. Lot more research too with links to comments by politicians and PACs, analysis of various solutions, and a good look into how the votes are split up among states. Combine this with some of the stuff I discussed with CommonCensus and we may yet again have a working political system in the USA.

Forever Geek a blogger recycling a lot of content from other sites like engadget and MAKE, but I like multi-layer filtering. It helps keep me from missing things I really like.

Writer's Block Live This guy is treating his blog like a wiki, which plays some havoc with my news reader, but it also makes it pretty cool. The content, which is pretty focused on his experiences as an Apple employee a few years ago, is supposed to evolve into a book (hence the name) so while it is non-linear nearly to the point of confusing, its a good read on several levels.

Graduating from the Electoral College is a work of SF/fantasy writer Will Shetterly, who I actually know a little. I've interviewed him and his wife a few times each. He's a really nice guy and a great writer. I follow his regular blog at http://shetterly.blogspot.com .
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