The Sabatical Begins...

01.42.12 - Mark

By the time anyone in their right mind is reading this I should be barreling down an interstate headed towards Chicago, possibly in command of a massive green ground missile with a lot of inertia. I've been looking forward to this trip for a while, at least since Matt bought tickets to Spamalot and likely sooner than that. Really everyone in the family has been. we haven't been able to take a recreational vacation in over three years. With luck this trip should be bearable. Three laptops, an iPod and between Matt and myself a more than healthy collection of music and movies, not to mention a fresh supply of junk food Matt acquired (yes he is almost paying for this trip - its ridiculous). What we do in Chicago is a still up in the air to a degree, some family of course, but we're going to try and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Since I will be wardriving some (it is Chicago - there are gonna be tons of hotspots) and if the hotel directory the place we're staying has free broadband. So I'm sure I'll maintain some connection I don't know how much. Likely not too far different from what I already do (except probably less linkage). With a digital camera and photoshop expect some photoblogging to take place as well. It all depends, but isn't that always the case?

Anyways I better catch some zzzs while I still can. Last I knew we were still planning on getting out early. Its going to be a long drive tomorrow since we are going to try a straight shot - which is going to be 15 or 16 hours at best. I doubt it, theres no way we'll be looking at a Saturday evening arrival even with the time zone difference. My money is 1am - 2 am central at the earliest assuming minimal breaks and junk food meals. We'll see. We should be local again for xmas, but again I think that may be pushing it. xmas eve travel is a bitch. We've done it before and 1) Murphy Strikes while 2) America rolls up every road except for a few dirty paths leading to a church stoop.

::yawn:: anyways enough typing, if I don't say it latter, enjoy your own break if you have one, and enjoy the season even if you don't, and remember its about family and sharing, not getting the most gift/killing for the last whatever in the state.

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