Bush's true colors

23.24.09 - Mark

My question? Why hasn't the american public seen this video before?

As usual I'm waiting for someone to provide me with a good image or movie of the equally inept Kerry. I doubt I'll get one since Kerry's botox treatments are probably preventing him from raising his middle finger to the american public...

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ME - 09:00:00 / 2004.10.28 #

Listen Mark, I have often enjoyed griping about our current chief monkey myself, but, if Kurry wins, I will have less fun. Remember, there are undecided jerks out there that may read your website and say "hey, this guy is right, I'm voting for Kurry because bush SUCKS! I would rather have a dumbass rather than a dipschit in the white house so shut the hell up about what a moron bush is and bring up a good point or 2. If this offends you
I'm truly thankful and satisfied:) Just Kidding(<-about that)

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