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12.28.24 - Mark

I wonder how hard it would be to get NC to pass a law reforming the way our electoral votes are distributed. Something similar to the way the votes are distributed in New Hampshire. IE one electoral vote from each of the congressional districts, with the additional electoral votes then based on the majority of votes in NC.

So if 5 districts in NC voted kerry with a landslide, 1 had a majority vote for Badnarik, 7 for Bush by only a few hundred votes, then Kerry would get 7, Badnarik 1 and Bush 7

Seems like a better system to me.

Even if you had it so that the candidate with the most district wins collect the extra 2 votes you'd still have a system that is closer to being far and balance than the current system. Pulling the last example, Kerry would have 5 votes, Badnarik one and Bush 9.

Since the Senate keeps killing electoral college reform at the national level, doing it on a state level would stand some chance of passing.

Not that it will happen in NC. There are a bunch of good old boys goofing off in the capital building. Then again I'm not entirely sure how NC regulates its electoral votes. Something to look into, more so depending on how Nov. 2 turns out.

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