Natural Sugar Overdose

17.58.59 - Mark

Went and picked cherries up in the Virginia Mountains and while we only intended to get a couple pounds we walked away with something closer to 20, in addition to whatever we ate while picking. Natural sugar goooooooood. Plus the view was sweet. Top of a mountain looking over a valley with more mountains on the horizon. Aside from the unstable ladder I can't think of too many things that feel better than standing in a cherry tree, eating cherries off the stem looking at a priceless view. We talked with the owner, who is one of those people that goes from idea to idea to idea to idea, and makes it work. Her latest venture is a PBS series to complement a series of books on simple living. Of course my web skills got dragged into it (no, it wasn't a self-plug), so I may end up doing some stuff with this site but I can't imagine what. It looks great already.

Anyways I know I haven't been blogging much, since I've been working all week helping to get my area ready at Camp Raven KnobI'll try and be better, I mean there's one very big wifi hot-zone there. 'cept my 5300 is on its last legs, and I don't know if I'll be able to fix it this time (the last few times all it needed was a little solder. However Matt says he's going to let me use his Laptop (FractalBook)) if I want. I'll probably take him up on his offer. I want to shoot myself after touching those P1s the camp uses for general use. In any case I will have a new laptop by the end of the year- period.

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the captain (furby) - 00:22:00 / 2005.06.11 #

mrowo! nice blog, like the personal touches, no what im sayign? they are so taguchi! peace out, man! mrowo!

Anonymous - 04:59:00 / 2005.06.11 #

Ile ty masz lat?

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