The Day After Tomorrow

12.53.57 - Mark

I went and saw The Day After Tomorrow and all I can say is its a good popcorn flick, and not much more. Lots of chaos, panic and disaster, but the science behind it is complete BS. Well not complete but there is no way in hell it would occur in the mere days the movie depicted. Physics were off (like Deep Impact), science references were off (Deep Impact again) and the plot is one of those been there done that things (The Core, Armageddon, etc)

Still for a popcorn flick it was pretty good. Amazing seamless CGI, fun, if clueless characters that were at least acted well enough. Well there were even some phreaking references (payphones draw current from service lines, tho' all phones that don't use a wallwart use power from the telco) Did I mention flash freezing? Now thats cool (I don't know if that pun was intended or not.)

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