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16.12.09 - Mark

OK, since you are too fscking lazy to add a comment function to your blog I'll post my reply here.

For anyone else the post I'm referring to is somewhere on this page

[bunch of clips about John Kerry]
"That'll give the bush bashers something to think about before they open their mouths."

Since you label me as a Bush basher I have given that stuff though and rants before (hell Ivan you read my blog) Frankly, I don't disagree

Kerry is clearly and undisputedly a republican democrat. He's filled with more self contradictions that most full blown republicans could even dream of. I don't want a Bush but at least bush has some sort of pseudo spine - look at how willing he has been to fuck up the country... Kerry is so inept that he doesn't rate as high as fish of the evolutionary ladder. IF Kerry gets into office the only way he'll be known is if he one dies (hopefully letting a competent VP take office) or when he practically lets another nation (or regime) walk all over us which will be infinitely more likely than him buying the farm.

As I've said before I'm going to hate selecting which idiot gets to be an overrated figurehead with a bunch of assumed abilities because congress to too busy catering to the RIAA and MPAA with crap laws with clever acronyms (DMCA, bastard sons of the DMCA, PIRATE, CANSPAM) to bother with trivial things like say reading the constitution.

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Ivan - 21:46:00 / 2004.05.30 #


Same thoughts, different parties. Personally, I dont want a central government. They can go fsck themselves. Might as well support the one taht will makes the public aware of the atrocity known as the United States of America.

Ivan - 21:47:00 / 2004.05.30 #

oh, gimme your code for a comment and ill put one up. ill analyze it, and learn taht way. dont feel like googling for an html tutorial.

Mark - 22:03:00 / 2004.05.30 #

Take a stab at the moon is a harsh mistress, or any heinline really. All his books have some sort of jab at political systems. Its a shame most of his ideas wouldn't work, not that I'd want all of them to (rational anarchy, service for citizenship)

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