H2G2 not dead yet

12.26.11 - Mark

OK, I know there are lots of people out there (and at least one reading this) who are thrilled and terrified about HHGttG becoming a Disney Movie. While its still in shooting (mere weeks) I think theres a good chance that it won't be a complete and total bomb. Why? The guy that did the screenplay seems competent, or psychotic. Either way he seems like he can fill in holes left by DNA in his inital script. Why? Because I read this.

A self interview sounds like something DNA would do (and probably did) When this comes out I'll probably go to the theater with my towel (cuz a hitchhiker should always know where his towel is)

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Ivan - 13:32:00 / 2005.05.30 #

*raises drink*

Here, here!! Read that, and yes, it sounds like it'll still be good. Although i don't want them to ruin the mental images of the characters i've formed in my mind.

Also, THEY SHOULD USE AMERICAN ACTORS. I DONT GIVE A DAMN IF THE BOOKS WERE BRITISH.. USE AMERICAN ACTORS. cept for arthur.. he can be british but by god, make Zaphod and Prefect American. It's all i ask.

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