01.24.08 - Mark

My eyes are blurry, there's the distinct smell of molten tin and lead with a trace of evaporated rosin in my nostrils and my upper back is telling me that I've been hunched over a work bench for over an hour and a half. Yep I've been soldering.

Specifically reworking some bits on an LCD I want to mount (with PB 520) into my already gutted and cleaned Mac Plus Shell. Once I get that done (and it could be a very long while since I'll only be able to mod weekends starting now) I'll work on getting the peltier junctions and supporting metal work prepared. Then Add insulation and power and I'll have the fridgemac

Well it won't be that simple but compared to this soldering of really really really small pads and wire wrap wire (really really really thin wire, like 40 gauge) that crap will be do-it-in-your-sleep easy. Assuming I don't muck up really really really badly I'm going to have one really really awesome Minifridge.

Yes, I do think I've used up my "really" allocation of the week, there are 13 "really"s in this post.

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