Why give a damn?

12.02.10 - Mark

I'm tired of thise "lets ban same sex marriages" BS. Who gives a damn about what other people do in thier private life? I'm not gay, I don't know anyone who is openly gay in my day to day life but I've run across homosexuals online. Do I notice a differnce, no. Same as anyone else, no weird comments aisde from "comming out" statements, and nothing to scream fowl over. So point remains - Who cares? I mean other than religious nut cases and the politicions who want thier votes.

It doesn't really matter, so what is someone wnats to do "unusual" things with a concenting partner. I'm not interessted in that but if they are fine. No harm no problem. Let people live thier own lives, If you really want to control someone else go to some 3rd world country and pick up a slave

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