Revision one done

17.34.17 - Mark

I finished my first revision monocular display aliuttle while ago and its sweet. Not quite my fastest hack but definatly a fun one. I proof of concepted yesterday (see the post below this one) went and saw a movie then picked up a pair of $10 wally world sun glasses to mount them to. After some epoxying, trimming plastics, a good deal of dremeling and drilling then some padding and touch up I had a first revision monocular display. Not as covert as I want but it works and is pretty comfortable. My forehead is hidden behind a nest of wires and the top half of the right lens is chopped off for optics but it works for now. Plus I still have the other set of optics so at some point down the road I can work one something even more covert. (like the displays at AE Innovations)

I guess this leaves a working chording keyboard for a wearable

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