Merry xMas to all, except Western Digital

01.35.19 - Mark

Who can rot in hell this holiday season. WD is a steaming pile of crap, and it alomost ruined my gift to my brother. I just now (at 1:40 AM Dec. 25th EST) rigged up the modded 6400/200 I'm giving him to a point where it will boot (and not much else). No thanks to what has to be the 10th Western Digital Hard drive that decided to die under my watch. How the hell they are still in business after all these years is a miracle in its own right. I've had WD drives from 200 MBs to 20 GBs die with out reason, and almost always in the same way. I make it a policy not to buy the POS items they sell but I give them a chance when they come into my possession free of charge. Even if they are never used I haven't had one last longer than 9 months (and that was the one the owner gave me as payment for swapping it out of a brand new barely-out-of-the-box PC). What's worse is as soon as I got it to boot up I shoved it in a box and wrapped it - forgetting to replace the front panel before taping it up. At least my brother will under stand - no perment damage done.

Anyways Merry xmas (or what ever your holiday is) to all, and to all a good - but exceedingly long - night.

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