03.13.52 - Mark

MMMMMMMMMMM, DSL reconnected.

Tho' I now feel that while moving is hard it is also hell. I mean hell. I've gone all week with very little sleep, usually staying up until 3 or 4 AM. The plumbing has been FUBARed since Monday (tho' that was fixed earlier today) The phone and DSL were out for most of yesterday and a large of the day before. I've also been shocked (don't lick live phone wires, 'special the green one) Streched, starved, bumped bruised, and all around worn out. In other words, moving isn't the world's greatest experiance.

On a positive note I think I found the plexi I need for a Gibson style hack and I've recut a couple panels for the Phoenix I also gave it a very nice cleaning when I was doing the G3 (Way too much dust)

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