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Today's odd bit of trivial is that LEGO Bricks turned 50 years old today. While I'm not a full fledged adult fan of legos, I had countless small lego kits (and a couple of big kits) as a kid, and while I would keep a model around for a while they inevitably got recycled into the big box of legos for use in other creations. Of course, that was the fun of LEGOs. Even into high school I would spend hours each week digging though my lego box and building models - then of course playing with those creations. I still have the big box, but it rarely gets used anymore. The first set I can remember having was the Super Nova II which would have been around 1991 - and it still has some of my favorite pieces, and I remember driving my parents crazy over the Deep Freeze Defender. I used to look at the weekend circulars before my parents even woke up to see if any stores had legos on sale and tried to figure out how much the set would cost with taxes, and if I could afford it with how ever many weeks allowances I had saved up. I think my parents eventually gave up and called it close enough so I would stop obsessing over the set, then I spent hours building it in the living room with my brothers. It was a fun set (and like all the other sets was eventually recycled into the box). The last sets I clearly remember getting for me would have been a rock raiders set or maybe a Town Space Port set around 1999, so I've got nearly 10 years of lego sets.

Since it's the 50th birthday I dug out the old box, and I've got tons of specialty pieces. I sort of wish I had more regular brick pieces to do more brick models and buildings with, but legos are still amazingly fun to play with.

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ME - 17:44:17 / 2008.01.30 #

I need to go dust off the old lego box now...

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