Sweet Sugar Cane

17.23.13 - Mark

I love pure sugar cane sodas, but most of the everyday sodas have long since moved to High Fructose Corn Syrup, which despite what the bottlers may say, is no where near as smooth as pure sugar cane. While there are a few brands that hold true to using pure sugar cane, namely Jones Soda, the only hope for sugar cane sodas are Mexican imports, holiday runs of kosher coke, or the few independent bottlers that refuse to move to HFCS. Dublin Dr. Pepper is likely the most famous, but with Waco, TX 1200 miles away (and shipping that costs twice what the soda does) it's not something I get to enjoy much. However, from random browsing, Dublin isn't the end all of brand name sugar cane sodas. There's a bottler in West Jefferson, NC (which is a more accessible 70 miles away) that still uses sugar cane for it's non-diet sodas. I think I might need to make a soda run in the near future.

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