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00.06.42 - Mark

I'm back, since last night actually but I needed sleep (I had at best 8 hours of sleep between Friday morning and late sunday night). I'm not a wedding person. I hate ties and my purpose at the after party is wall decoration and designated driver but it was a nice ceremony and it was good to see the extended family for something other than a funeral.

Lexington, KY was neat. While we mainly traveled we ate at a couple of great restaurants in the area (whose names I can't remember) and spent some time at a Bookstore (Joseph Beth Booksellers) where it kind of felt like they had cut my head open and scrounged around for books and authors I'm really interested in (and not in the over-packed superstore sort of way).

Finally, I think all hotels need to be offering free internet access in this day and age. While I didn't have my ClampBook with me seeing that WiFi and/or wired ethernet access was $10 a day was pretty outrageous. Considering all the bars and coffee shops in the area I know I could have found a free access point without much work.

Water Wall at Triangle Park Lexington, KY

Water Wall at Triangle Park Lexington, KY

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