A graduation and a wedding

22.43.40 - Mark

This weekend is nuts. My brother's high school graduation was a few hours ago, and a cousin's wedding is a six hour (plus?) drive from here and is tomorrow afternoon. I'm in for a long drive tonight (and tomorrow morning) not to mention the return trip on Sunday. At least when I have light I can work my way though the graphic novels I picked up off amazon yesterday (I really like Amazon Prime) - Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, and Alan Moore's Watchmen. This comic addiction started innocently enough, but its quickly becoming a black hole for my already small bank account.

Unrelated to the above, but explaining for the lack of recent posts below, it's weird how the empty and miserable, kind of depressed feeling I get when I'm overworked also shows up when I have almost no real obligations to satisfy. I'll work on that when this weekend is done.

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