At times

08.42.11 - Mark

I might be ignorant, foul mouthed, lazy, disengaged, overbearing, undercutting, overwhelming, abrasive, sporatic, outright stupid, anti-authoritative, shameless, opioniated, brazen,interupting, insulting, uncaring, elitist, short-tempered, standoffish, confrontational, or pigheaded at times, and I admit that.

However when your sorry pathetic self can't find a fault with me other than the fact that I didn't call you and let you know that I wouldn't be dragging my sick corpse-like body into class to sit in on some bullshit discussion when I've been effectivly leading your class for the last 3 months, don't prance around like a stupid little cartoon telling me that you'll "have to take points off" of your illdefined "critical thinking" project paper because I wasn't there to "participate in the discussion".

I am not an idiot, a child, or an irresponcible lunitic, and I refuse to be treated like one.

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