21.58.00 - Mark

I love my hosting provider. I love them love them love them. They turned 8 years old and rather than giving them gifts, they gave me some, unlimited domains and sub-domains, in addition to everything else they've given me over the last 9 months of hosting, like triple the bandwidth, new software tools, and weekly increasing bandwidth/storage limits. The only problem I've had with them is the LA blackout a couple weeks ago, but hey they got it back up and running in a hurry. So did I mention I love these guys? I really really recommend these guys and if you want some dirt cheap hosting to play with, you can't go wrong with them, especially since the current promotion is 80% off the first year, which on the basic package is $25 (with free domain) Thats a sweet deal. I've casually been working on a redesign, but after some stuff clears up this week I might sink some more effort into that and see about doing more than a cheap redirect (part of which was going to include moving stuff to my linux box and host it over DSL, but no more - at least not for my regular sites). Frankly I'd love to get off Google's locked up blogspot servers (and away from the all the spam-o-blogs). This is making my moves a lot easier, and I love it.

Since I'll be renewing my .mac account (which was recently upgraded as well), I suspect will that account will play host to the majority of my photo collection as well as some of the multi-system syncing I'd like to do. Flickr is cool, but I can only upload a dozen or so photos a month before I hit the free account upload caps, and frankly I've got other places I'd like to spend $25 a year at. I'll post my favorite ones on flickr, as well as the .mac page (assuming this is how I actually restructure my spaces) but I don't think there will be more than uhh 20? flickr photos a month (as opposed to upto several hundred on the .mac account)

Anyways enough on the hosting. I actually have some school work to do.

Dreamhost, the promo code is 888 and entered late in the registration process (one of the last steps.).

Of course now that I've got unlimited domains, give me a yell if you want a real site without the hassle of dealing with server configurations and registrations. $15 - $20 sounds good for a year (with a full domain, less if you're willing to put up with a subdomain on one of my existing domains.)

Seriously I'm done now

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