I Really Hate Crickets

18.40.00 - Mark

The fucking things are screwing with my sleep cycle. Last night I don't think I was out long enough to hit a single REM cycle, and the fucking things are still going. Doesn't help matters that the Mayberry Day thing was exhausting as hell, directly and indirectly. Matt, who must have worked a good deal more than 24 hours in three days, was flat on his ass this morning, and everyone in the house knew that there wasn't any point in his going to school. I wasn't as lucky needing to go in for math class, the inane "internet multimedia class" (read: lets all learn to use flash like 2nd graders) and go into my Art class, which is just as bad but thankfully not as long. The only thing that got me though class was by spending 5 bucks for a coke, a couple breakfast burritos, and a hashbown at McDonalds on the way out of town. I honestly can't believe how nasty those things are. The only redeeming value of them is they are so filled with the bad stuff that they force your metabolism to keep your body awake, which was about the only reason I ever go to McDonalds now.

An interesting side note, between cycles with my eyes closed, I skimmed though Make Volume 3 (I really need to subscribe), and one of the columns was on hacking your sleep cycle. The one page column didn't go into extreme detail, but it did point me to a neat, NC based blog called Circadiana which covers one thing. Sleep. The same guy runs a Political Commentary by equating it to science blog that also looks interesting, but I'll need to be a lot more functional before I do some serious backreading at either blog (although I have read enough of each to stick it in the RSS reader.)

I may try a couple of the hacks mentioned there (the sleeping blog), as well as pull from a list I've made from reading other life hacking blogs (43folders and lifehacker - sorry you'll need to dig up your own links today, I'm too tired) I know I can get something to work. I need to. I suspect it won't be until after I bug bomb the fucking basement to exterminate all the fucking crickets.

So Yeah. Anyways. (a few more hours and I'll reattempt obtaining those precious REM cycles)

Waking a person unnecessarily should not be considered
a capital crime. For a first offense, that is. -- Robert A Heinlein

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