Because I'm too damned lazy to think of a title

12.01.00 - Mark

This is just some assorted musings on random elements, which always makes it harder to come up with a decent title.

Unlike Tuesday, today was the start of the Fall semester of High School University, and while I still have three classes I haven't been exposed to the Tuesday Thursday sequence is shaping up to be something better than tolerable. The web site management course, which I've been fearing would be a lot of useless BS about how to organize your website, is actually looking to be more of a security class. The teacher is relatively new (I think), but my first impression is that he's sharp, and there's more than a good chance that he knows what he's talking about. I'm fairly certain he hasn't been here too long, guessing moved here for summer semester but I could be wrong. There are a couple new faces in the class and likewise they seem pretty sharp as well, so I'm no longer dreading the fact that I'm in the class, I might not even rant about how I need to wake up at the ungodly hour of Too-Damned-Early while I'm enrolled in it.

I'm still up in the air about my intro to web programming course, but I think its leaning towards the positive side. While I'm not thrilled with Javascript I'm willing to look, as its certainly used out there. The teacher is proving difficult to peg. She doesn't quite seem like the rambling southerner most of my other teachers have been but at the same time it doesn't seem like the speed talking geek type. I'm still willing to let it play out and give it a few more sessions before I start griping about it.

Anyways with those class done I came home to a pleasant surprise, Despite selecting the cheapest possible method of shipping the hard drive for my linux box is already here. I'm very happy with outpost.com, no wonder geeks on the left coast rave about Fry's Electronics. That still leaves three computer related deliveries to be made, as well as a pile of books and some replacement parts to my cybertool. I suspect the assorted delivery people in the area are getting a really good idea of where I live (somelike like a dozen packages in a couple of weeks).

And now that this post has become way too journal-ly for my tastes lets break it up:

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