Support Our Troops Redux

19.46.00 - Mark

I have ranted about those cursed magnetic yellow ribbons that say Support Our Troops, as well as the War in/on Iraq/Terror in general before and my position on both is pretty much unchanged. The short version is support our troops does not mean support our president and his administration because this war is wrong. It is very clearly my generations Vietnam. The Sheehan issue is bring about an entirely new twist on this situation and I think Ed Code did a good job of summarizing it here.

Thats not what motivated me to pen this post, its when vandals run over the white crosses erected in memory of fallen soldiers that you have to wonder about what the hell they were thinking. Who in their right mind would mow down white crosses for the soldiers that have fallen in defense of this country no matter how real or fiction the threat may be? The man that ran over those crosses is a moron, a coward, and is blindly following a blind leader, and most dangerous of all he's doing it in a misguided sense of "patriotism".

Rather than this message of shut up and support our troops the nation is coming to realize that this war is very very wrong, Sheehan is the unifying symbol of that belief, one many people have been waiting for or trying to create since the first days of this war. However while we let the powers that be know we want out we need to continue to support our troops, and that doesn't just mean the ones that are still alive and fighting for us, it means that we need to support the ones that have fallen in that fight, possibly even more than those who are still alive.

A Message to the Crawford Memorial Vandal

Update 8:30PM - Go figure, I post this and she pulls out. However, I have no doubt in my mind that the protest will continue, she has become a symbol, nothing kills symbols

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