Hurray! Now hurry up lazy bums

18.59.00 - Mark

I'm equally happy with newegg, whose basket of goodies arrived for me a little while ago. Now all I need is the Power Supply and ram, both of which have shipped, however not as quickly. The PSU is taking forever and a day and UPS claims that it hasn't seen the package since Tuesday and furthermore than it won't be here until next Tuesday. Sometimes UPS surprises. I'm not sure how the RAM shipped but at best it could be here tomorrow (sort of doubt it but for as much as he charged for shipping...) maybe Saturday if it was USPS and more likely Monday. I'm really setting my eye on being done on Monday, but if I could have it built in time to record everything on SciFi Tomorrow night I'd be thrilled to death, Anyways I'm going to go what I can do now.

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