16.07.37 - Mark

I went, I competed, I failed. Fun experiance but I didn't like the choise of problems. One of my problems was a PC that didn't display video, and I had an AGP card that looked like it was burtout, but rather than apply KISS and find unseated RAM I said it was the AGP. I should have paid attention to "How did you fix the problem" and realized that I could have fixed it. Then there was the IDE problem, where all I needed to do was reset the BIOS in 15 minutes (I was getting there when time was called). The other two problems were simple reconnect the floppy the *right way* and push down on the power supply connector. Then again I pushed down on that connector and the PC brought up some other problem (stupid little beeping sound)

Of course I was fixing problems before the competition. Last night in the hotel room I went to tirn on a light and got one click, two click 3 clicks. After that I think it went like this:

[light one on]
[light one off, light to remains off]
Shoot burt out
[light one on, light two supposedly getting power]
[I look at light two's socket and see nothing but filiment]
That's got to be a fire hazard
[touches light 2's light shade]
Whoa, Magic smoke

I swear when I called down to house keeping they were laughing at my story. I mean no glass, just the filiment, and noone had really messed up the room yet. It was one of those moments when I wish I had a camera.

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