17.46.54 - Mark

Technicaly this is the first day of Spring break, but it isn't. I hapen to live in a part of NC with an incompetent school district that decided to call off school several times when it wasn't called for. So today I had school, a painfuly long day of school filled with tons of under achievement, while being tortured with the knowlege that it was a beautiful spring day outside the delipadated school walls.

And what made this a painfuly long day willed with under acievement? Hypocritical math teachers, a "Lets go color posters" gym teacher and a nutcase ELP teacher who doen't believe in clocks.

The math teacher, who is nice enough to tell us not to become slaves to the graphing calculators, but is happy to chew students out when they use their brains. Come on you want me to show work for

b (sin A) / a = (sin B)

when I need a calculator to get Sin A and b and a are already given. If so please hold while a beat my head against a book until I forget when 2 + 2 equals

Then theres the gym teacher that had us coloring. Now I'm still trying to figure out how the hell a push up is different in Iowa than it is in North Carolina but coloring?!?! How the *&^% ios coloring going to help me keep up a health lifestyle post-high school? Maybe I need to go back to the first grade to figure that one out. Tho' I'll admit bringing dip out in front of an entire class of high schoolers is very creative, talk about providing to minors. Thge school has a big enough problem with controlling the *&^% without teachers puting it in arms distance of students.

Then theres the good old ELP teacher who doesn't use clocks (first rant of many) and teaches a politics class with more biased agasint republicans than the press is baised in this war on Iraq. Yes let's raise students with a sound knowlege of politics as long as they support republicans.

I think thats all for now. Some people can be so [beep] stupid and I seem to be at the center of it.

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