Gotta Love That Bias

23.01.00 - Mark

I don't know why I even bother posting this, but the local media sucks. I mean they don't understand fair or balanced. The don't even seem that concerned with news.

Case in point, watching the local CBS news they've already covered a court decision to keep "In God We Trust" on some government building. In the same spot they showed interviews with 5 people that supported the decision, one where something to "I don't think you'll find anyone in the county that disagrees with this decision" was uttered. I'll let you speculate on how many people they bothered to find who disagreed with the decision (actually so will I, since they didn't air any)

I guess they spent more time trying to figure out some clever way to do the following segment (which involved one of the talking heads sitting in a life guard stand at some YMCA and a really cheesy zoom out from at least 150 feet) than bothering with those pesky things - like "journalism" or "research"

I don't get my news from the local outlets. I've seen the guts of a newspaper. Media coverage means entertainment. Badly executed entertainment with random stories that pop up from the AP for filler, or at least lines for the actors. If you really think that local news coverage is anything more than a quick dirty dramatization, ask yourself - why are they advertising what stories they'll air "Monday, during the 11 O'Clock News!" - seriously. If its really their so-called "News" why isn't it airing tonight, not in 72 hours?

Because its entertainment. Anyways I'm going to go check my feeds, because I don't need to wait until Monday to get my news...

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