22.42.00 - Mark

Its completely pointless to try and hold a conversation in my family. Rather its futile to attempt verbal communications with Matt. For one, he's an egotistical maniac who knows he's right about everything and he has an amazing ability to lump tone and volume together, so unless (and probably even if) you speak in a barely audible monotone voice he'll claim you're yelling at him. He also seems to have been appointed supreme and all knowing master of the known and unknown universe, since you aren't entitled to say what you want. Somehow the constitution doesn't exist in his world, because he tries to strip away my 1st amendment rights.

Every night this week he's driven my dad out of the house as soon as he was sitting down to dinner, he's woken my mom up twice, and me, well I'm to the point where he'll try his stupid tricks and I'll piss him off. I'll usually walk away and while he claims a victory I'll be laughing my ass off becuase he's so fucking arrogant.

So trying to have a reasonable conversation with him is a complete waste of time.

I really ought to find a better use of it, like learn applescript or PHP.

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