Opioid Induced Bliss

08.41.00 - Mark

I love the Slacker Astronomony Podcast. Its an enjoyable bastardization of Family Guy and Mr. Wizard. I guess it could be considered a Bill Nye sort of podcast, but willing to throw more jabs at pop culture and politics.

Everytime I've listened to it I've had to laugh at it. Is a fun waste of a few minutes and its very well produced. There's a nice streamlined back and forth conversation that works well for the podcast. I only wish it was more than once a week, that way I could make sure I get more than one fix of endorphins a week.

In anycase its up there with geekfuactiongrip and Evil Genius Chronicles as favorite podcast.

And I'm thinking of lifting their slogan, or at least sticking it into the quotes page:

-- "This is a volunteer project for fun, for you, for the voices in our head."

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