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23.23.00 - Mark

My Business writing class is driving me nuts.

Its not a case where I can't apply it, and it isn't entirely the instructor (how ever, she isn't helping it - she's pretty dull), its the subject matter. Its just hard to write.

Business writing has one goal. Convey information in order to make profit.

The way I write, and generally tackle assignments, is approach them from a real life stand point. It usually works pretty well, and it sometimes lets me cut ahead of others, since I can already apply the knowledge. Most of my wiser instructors appreciate it as it means I can either simplify concepts or bring that real world problem into the fold.

In the engrish class, I can't do that, or rather my paranoid alter ego won't let me.

For example, I need to write a proposal, I could potentially write it on XYZ business idea, but the way I work, XYZ idea is potentially profitable, and if its profitable I shouldn't be forking over cash to write it and surrender it to someone who isn't covered by No Damned Announcements, and don't tell me you forget things you read. If its interesting you remember what you read, and you stew over it, and if its really good you act on it. You generally don't remember where you read it, which means I could get ripped off and you know what. I don't like getting screwed over. So my nature is to avoid the potential danger.

Which means I need to BS more than I'd like to. It means I need to develop and research another idea, and when I already have more ideas on my plate than I'd like, it gets messy.

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