I'm feeling old

01.36.00 - Mark

Sometimes, most of the time, I think I'm too wired. A mildly dyslexic, somewhat anti-social, all around high tech geek. Other times, I'm reminded that I'm at the tail end of a group that remembers the bad old days of analogue.

Plastic, especially debit cards surpassed paper payment methods for the first time last year. As my generation gets into the post school era I wonder how many of my peers will remember managing a checkbook. I had my first checkbook several years ago, balanced it as it was stuffed with receipts and blocking up checkout lanes making some small purchase the type of which could only be important to a tweenage twit.

But when I opened my second checking account about two years ago I didn't get checks. Still haven't. Matt is pretty much the same way. I know that many people still don't accept the digital mediums my generation is growing up with, but in 2, 5, 10, or 20 years how many people are going to remember computers before the internet, or paying for things before debt cards were accepted everywhere, who among my peers are going to remember TVs and VCRs without remotes? Not many.

I've always felt more mature and advanced than my peers (and have confused many people with my maturity and memories of the old analog tech) but when I see some of these news articles I really get to feeling old - and I can't even legally drink yet.

(plays The Who - My Generation)

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