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23.15.00 - Mark

By my count (which is a bastardized hybrid of blogger's numbers and my correctional counting) this is my 1000th post. (Actually I need to stick up one that is currently a draft)

One thing I wanted to do last month, and neglected for too long, was make a podcast/audiopost to celebrate my two year bloging anniversary, as I started this blogger account on February 15th 2003, so about 25 months later I've written 1000 posts, comprising of more than 100,000 words and over 900 links.

An average of 10 posts a week, but realistically, I've missed maybe one week in those two years, with a few weeks where I only made a post or two (summer).

This certainly puts me into the minority of bloggers, many of whom maintain a blog for a few weeks and go on.

I could (and almost feel like) go into the blogger vs mass media thing, but I won't. Its a bull shit subject that only further proves people screw mannerisms when going on line, and become little more than drain bramaged donkeys. So I won't, not here at least.

No this is just saying i reached the 1000 post mark, and I think its pretty amazing.

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