22.30.00 - Mark

Three weeks, four doses of caffeine.

No I'm not kicking the habit for good (I've got too much good stuff in the house), but its one of those can I do this things.

I bug people about smoking. Its a sick habit and I can't stand it, same for nearly any form of tobacco intake. Spit bottles are nearly vomit inducing and smoking? What sort of stuck up prick thinks that's stylish? I loose all sorts of respect for people who smoke. I know I claim to be a libertarian, but I'm sorry I don't want assholes smoking in public. Private - fine - if a business chooses to let patrons smoke in their establishments, again fine but don't expect my business. Recycling the business comment - lots of people agree with me. Smoke free restaurants do better business, proven fact.

So since I bug people about their regular drug intake I though I should be able to stop mine. This for that. Admittedly there's a difference, but I still quit, cold turkey, my regular caffeine intake on February 21st. Since then I've had exactly three Cokes, and one Mountain Dew, most of them at movies, one at a resteraunt. In those three weeks not much has really happened.

  1. My throat and mouth have been dry for a day or two after the caffeine intakes
  2. My sleep cycles have been seriously screwed up (I think this may have more to do with my 32 hour internal clock and substituting couches for a good office chair than for just kicking the caffeine habbit)
  3. I'm feeling better in general and think I'm a little sharper mentally

I think I'm going to stay at the low/no caffeine level for another week, week and a half, but after that I'll likely start picking it up again, although much more moderated than in the past, especially since I've rediscovered Cream Soda. Wish there was Barq's root beer here tho' all the root beer brands available here all taste pretty generic. Barqs was a little stronger and still mass market, however even that can't compete with the really good stuff, like Millstream Root Beer (gotta get some of that shipped) or The Breghoff microbrew (microbrews are our friends)

Enough of this. You probably deemed me nuts back in the first paragraph.

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