Welcome to the desert of the internet

16.49.00 - Mark

Recently I've been helping a number of people with websites and web presence. Its rewarding, in more than one way. The people are nice, polite, and provide me with a good reason to leave the basement on occasion.

Unfortunately they are somewhat disillusioned with the world wide web.

I blame mass media.

Because of them people think that setting up a website is easy, any and all graphics can be used freely, everything on eBay sells, everything that sells on eBay sells for lots of cash, and so many other things, none of them really trivial or easy to explain thanks to mass media.

I probably shouldn't venture here but I wonder if some of them think that the President reads all his mail personally? or if XYZ news agency finds news on their own.

it just doesn't happen that way, and I keep telling myself I'm going to take a big sample of news articles and watch which ones are recycled constantly. It does happen, and it takes forever in net years. Sometimes as much as a month or two. The long tail theory covers part of it, but sometimes it seems like its more of a roller coaster than exponential decay

Today I was talking with one of the people I'm developing a site for, and he's questioning me on selling some of his pretty much unknown work on eBay. I spent time trying to explain that the duct tape iPod cover didn't just seep into the media, the guy had to work hard to get so many sites to pick up on it , and even then it was more of a goof off scheme that was bid up to unreasonable amounts that were ever paid.

Occasionally you get something like that, but its rare, and not something you should count on.

Before you can do the unsane, you need to build up. It takes more than luck and a few quick schemes to make lots of money, you need a place to launch from. I'm trying to help people establish a base. There are exceptions (like the Vigrin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich) but those are special cases, dumb luck.

I don't know what I'm ranting about, I may be over thinking this and making myself out into a depressed pessimistic moron, but you shouldn't count on lady luck, she's probably rolling her own dice in a high rollers lounge somewhere in Las Vegas. If I was as lucky as her I know that's where I'd be.

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