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12.16.00 - Mark

I get ideas in weird places. Really weird places, places I would have never expected an idea to occur if I was picking places where I had my ideas.

As such I never go anywhere anymore without some sort of writing device and some sort of dead tree product, aptly named my hackers notebook (people with stigmas against hackers usually go for solutioneer's notebook). That's been true for, I don't know, 7 or 8 years now.

It used to been pencils and a book of graph paper, but notebooks of graph paper are large and fairly bulky. Perfect for sketching but they got to be unwieldily.

Then I had a series of regular sized notebooks the 8.5 x 11 ones with an assortment of bindings. Those metal sprials always crimped together making it hard to easily flip though a book, the glue based ones always loose pages. (remember I carry these things nearly everywhere)

Then about 9th grade I found these sweet 5.5 x 8 spiral bound notebooks with pockets. Love them. Small enough to throw into nearly any bag, have pockets for the loose stuff, and easy to hold in one hand. The better ones have a heavy plastic cover and a stiff cardboard back. Nearly perfect - but they come with perforated edges and still have the metal spiral binding, both of which fail as noted above.

Still they've been better than pretty much everything else I've tried (bar a folded up piece of printer paper in the wallet which is always a good backup) and very distinctive. I lost my current one for one day last summer, really had me down as I've made a lot of project notes in it. Thanks to its uncommon size I found the sticky fingered asshole that picked it up with barely a second glimpse (he wasted about 2 dozen pages in little under a day) I'm sold on the size, but not the assembly.

I'm now getting to the point where I need to retire my current notebook and get a new one, and thanks to 43 Folders I think I may have found the perfect medium for my next hacker idea log - a large moleskine notebook.

Much more expensive than what I have been getting, but I think the extra $10 is potentially worth it. The construction seems much better and the people who own them swear by them.

We'll see. I need to get the hosting thing under control first, but I am a sucker for high quality products.

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