Group Dynamics

08.52.00 - Mark

I don't like working in groups, at least at school. Its nothing against the people in my classes (OK, maybe it is in engrish) but grup projects are well boring. I'm just on another level. I know that seems a little egotistical, but it seems to be true.

The class may be talking about theroy of site structure, but I already know about it and put it into use nearly every day. I've got my own rules and ideas of how to accomplish the task, and considering I get 20 to 30 visitorsa day who view several pages each I'd say I'm not screwing up too badly.

In a class discussion its easier to bring that into the fold. I'm only elaborating on concepts, putting them into real world context. In groups it isn't. Its not that I can't apply the same knowlege - its that if I do, I get to do all the work. I'm here to learn, others should be to, and if they can't put concepts into practice themselves I shouldn't have to drag them behind me. If there's one thing wrong with being skilled, its that you attract leaches, and contrary to what they may tell you in high school, the leaches don't go away. In high school its the brain damaged jock who wants to copy your homework. In the real world it seems like the whole *&^%ing planet.

My engrish class is really bugging me in this context. We just finished up midterm, and are starting on the next project, which - oh joy - we have to do in groups. Bleh. We need to go though doing a proposel, jumping though hoops like corporate lemurs. Its the same problem. Most of the people in the room are going to forget this crap the moment the walk out of the final exam. A fraction of them are really going to use this again. Some of us, like say me, already use this and don't like being told we're wrong about it. Everything in life is getting the job done, and in the real world I'm not catching slack about how much (or little) I'm writing while getting work done. I'm just getting the work done.

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