Podcast overload

23.14.00 - Mark

Spent most of today listing to the backlog of podcasts then creating a new one just as quickly (yet I've still managed a net loss) Having mindless work do to makes it easier to clear them. If I get back into the habit of walking I'll be in better shape (most of the backlog was from the longer podcasts I was saving for walks) I'm probably overloading on podcasts but I don't mind, much. I'm resolving myself not to load too many more feeds for a while. The main reason I dumped more in today was that so many of the ones I was listing to died away, so its an equal trade, and I always clear the shorter ones quicker (daily commute to and from classes - perfect for 20 - 26 minute podcasts)

On a related note I like how far the iPodder lemon project has come. I upgraded to the latest release client and I like it alot. plenty of new features that make it a little more useful, like multiple downloads which has been my main bug. I really like open source software. The developers do a really good job fixing it in a hurry. The only downside is that once I get some money (another problem altogether) I'm going to invest in NetNewsWire Pro and MarsEdit. Between podcasts and RSS news feeds I'm sampling close to 200 sites anymore, and Netnewswire pro seems to be the only thing that can manage what I need. Comes down to cash flow tho'

I really need more web hosting. Yeah 3 domains isn't enough apparantly. I have several people asking me if I can host sites for them. The sad news is I can only manage thee at the moment and, they're all filled up. I should add a domain booster pack, or get a higher end package. Unfortunately I think I'll have to kludge it and sign up again as a new user for the same deal I have now ($10 for the first year) then move to a higher end package in 10 months or so when the first package runs out. Now to see about a prepaid credit card (hey, ya gotta spend money to make money, and I know how to keep my costs low)

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