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15.50.00 - Mark

Been loading up on music again. I seem to really dig up new tunes every 3 or 4 months and its that time again. Last time I sprawed out at garageband.com, this time its more iTMS stuff and stuff I found in podcasts. Just downloaded about half a dozen songs by Harvey Keene though itunes, its folk rock stuff, sort of like CCR or Dylan. Also snatched some Jill Sobule, who has an amazing voice and a decieving ability to make positive songs downers and give the more serious lyrics a happy upbeat tune (she has free samples at her site, as well as songs at iTMS) I'm thinking of getting some Michelle Malone too, but still deciding on her stuff. I've also got some neat tunes buried inside of podcasts that I'll probably extract, like celt-6 from James Richmond and Let the Motor Run by The Markks (also streamed at garageband.com, but not for download)

Lastly I'm one of the many people out there downloading the 2.6GB legal torrent (link goes to actual torrent file) for the SXSW music festival, even though I'm not going. Something like 750 MP3s in all, from the various groups playing at the festival. Really cool stuff and combined with seriously pad out my collection. Can't wait for it to finish downloading so I can start listing to it (its 2.6GB compressed)

Finding new artists is by far my favorite thing about podcasts, and since most of them are independent I don't feel bad about paying for their music, its really easy to avoid the RIAA crap (who would love to sue me for having more than 1000 songs on my hard drive)

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