12.36.00 - Mark

I've already posted my feelings about the yellow ribbon magnets. What I have not posted about (recently) is my utter distain for Americas arrogance. I'm rallied to comment on this by a commercial created by the United Nations (you know - the big group of nations whose aim is to spread world peace and all that - the one we helped found) will not be aired in the States because, well there is no real because.

"Kickoff," a 60 second PSA won't air in the United States Period

Wonder why? Maybe because we're a country that elects brain dead politicians who choose to monger war than to work for peace.

The United States is one of the few holdouts that has not signed the primary anti-landmine treaty out there, is the only nation to skip out of the missile defense treaties out there, and who really knows what else our leaders have refused to sign - sometimes against the public's will.

Face it our nation is led by a bunch of war mongering hicks who thing they're on some *&^%ing jihad. And we don't care how we screw other nations. Sure past presidents haven't been great about it, but the current redneck in office isn't trying to do one bit of good, at least Clinton managed to sign some of these treaties.

You watch the ad, and you let me know if you stand for land-mines. If you want to sway my opinion, be prepared to convince me why you should be able to own an AK-47 for rabbit hunting at the same time.

If you're an ignorant wad who feels this is just a bunch of bullshit UN propaganda, I'm sorry but you're elected dumbo stripped the UN of any power it may have had in the past when he opted to invade Iraq. To get you attention they need to resort to blowing stuff up. If you don't like seeing childeren killed and mamed then maybe you aren't alone in the world. Maybe, rather than complain about how much you (ignorantly) hate the UN you should stand up and do something about it, and I don't mean support hastily written reactionist "decency" laws either, go support organizations like this one. Its no wonder we think we're a nation of morals and ethics - we get the make them up as we go along - and aside from the occasional 747 crashing into a building thing no one is going to stop up. :/

sorry if the facts and rants are intertwined. It really disturbs me that our government, a government of the people for the people by the people, is so willing to ignore the people. Even writing elected officials seems like a useless endeavor since they return you a nice pompous letter explaining why you are wrong and why their experiences in the world make their opinions worth more than yours

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