20.51.00 - Mark

I hate stupid laws. I hate how some people get these "brilliant" ideas that are really just idiotic suggestions that fail to solve problems and just serve to irritate the public they claim to be protecting. This bill in the Minnesota house is one of those idiotic laws. The way to solve alcohol abuse isn't by keeping it at bay for another 8 hours it for opening up its exposure by several years

The problem is not binge drinking at 21, its not trusting people to live their lives. America is basically the only country with widespread drinking problems, due in large part to the fact that the only legal experiences a person can have with alcohol is after 21 years on this rock. Most other countries allow some sort of exposure in the youth, many at 18, others well below that with some restrictions. For those countries it isn't a big deal and while binge drinking undoubtedly exists it does not present the same widespread problem. People in those countries understand that alcohol impairs their judgment, and learn to use it carefully.

Many of Americas problems exist because rather than focusing on the original ideals of our nation the population is allowing legislation that prevents life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If you make something a big deal and over hype it by flashing the stories in the news people will want to experience it. It happen to Napster an p2p, it happens just as much, if not more, to drinking and smoking.

If it isn't a big deal you won't see the problems. So lower the drinking age, at least on Wine and beer, spirits can come a few years later but beer and wine are where the problems lay. Lower the drinking age, in some way or form, and I feel you'll see the problems decline.

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