14.26.16 - Mark

I'm back, have been for a couple of hours now. Since I haven't blogged since late Thursday night heres the recap:

Friday, too much school. I did on the other hand get the Radeon Flashed. jammed my finger and my arm got messed up but nothing major. Got home and proptly left. Camp was mostly set up by the time I got there (they had left at noon) so we were lazy for a few hours.

Saturday morning it rained ended up soaking my tent, no not the outside, inside. At least it didn't last long so I did get to dry it out, FTMP. Did some different events, mostly brain dead. That night I was reminded what stars look like. Went to sleep in a slightly damp bed.

Sunday woke up too early, got some food packed up, ate and left. Got home about noon and I've been doing some light surfing since then. About 10 minutes ago I got out the radeon and put it into the Phoenix and I'm copying the Mac flasher over to it now. Then I decided to do a blog entry that brings me up to now.

I may put up some photos of the trip later this week. I got bored on Friday night so I messed around with some settings on my Canon AE-1. Long exposures and stuff like that. If theres anything good I'll see about putting it online when I get the hammered phone and mouse taken care of.

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