10.21.00 - Mark

Boing is a nice term to be unsane to, and right now I want to be a little more unsane than usual. This stream of consciousness brought to you by my programming and logic class. I have nothing against programming or logic, I like them both, but weeks have gone by and we're just now getting to Boolean logic. That really bugs me since I know and more importantly understand logic. I remember when you didn't have plain text search engines like Google around - I remember getting the crash corse in boolean logic in the bad old days when Altavista was the top dog of search engines. If you wanted to get anywhere you know boolean operators by heart.

So she (the teacher) keeps talking about logic operators and knowing where to place the AND operators to accomplish XYZ goal. Got it the first time, move on, please. Sure she has an easy on the ears southern accent, but I want to get somewhere in this class and frankly I know alot of this already. Please - lets get into the perl stuff.

I don't know. Don't know about the class, don't know why I'm so bored, don't know why I'm stream of consciousnessing this onto the web where it will live forever.

I do know I want to sprawl out on the couch at home and be mindless for a few hours.

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