(shut up and) Support our Troops?

21.02.00 - Mark

I don't like the yellow ribbon magnets, the made in Asia ones that say support our troops and are slapped onto the back of some gas guzzling SUV in any odd position.

I don't like them because of their mixed message.

I support our troops. I have no problem with our troops, and when I run into someone who says they got back from service I always respect them and I try to say thank you. I may not be adopting a sniper or sending care packs to J.I. Joe but I have some very good friends who have entered into the military after graduating from high school.

I still don't like those support are troop magnets because they aren't just saying support our troops. Once the war is over the magnets will disappear, and Support our troops will become a lost phrase in the last chapter of a high school history book (you know - the one that no one ever gets to) and a question that will be included with the Millennium edition of Trivial Pursuit (which will probably be released in 2014) and no one will want to support the troops that they sent body armor to during the middle of the second Gulf War.

The middle class trash that are sporting those magnets won't give a fuck, and will be too concerned futilely trying to electing Condoleeza Rice as president and pushing their own brand of "morality" to keep supporting our troops - the ones physically and mentally damaged from protecting a nation from a threat many of them are not sure exists.

Those magnets, which are primarily sported by the die-hard right, don't say "Support our Troops" they say "Shut up, support our President - the all knowing George W. Bush - and while you're at it support our troops" the later just didn't fit onto the small magnet.

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