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08.36.00 - Mark

The main reason I didn't post much over the weekend was that I was working on a website for a local author, and while not finished it is up and in usable shape. The design is one of my cleaner ones, and it felt really good getting my hands dirty with raw CSS and HTML. Its been too long (and too much of the Dreamweaver junk - I'm sorry but I've developed the tools on my own, there's no need to pay hundred of dollars to pay for a copy of the CSS and HTML specs, a half assed web browser and a text editor)

Anyways you can see it as it is now at Majdelene.com. The text isn't that long, but its not bad, and reading it wasn't the worst hour I've ever spent on anything.

But really its down to fine tweeking the style sheets, finalizing the images and color scheme, maybe some more tags into the html data, and possibly some bug hunting to make it standards compliant (javascript aside its pretty clean, pretty close to complaint XHTML I think) I need to set up a blog for him too.

So Yeah. Thats what I've been working on recently, fun little project to add to my portfolio, and to pick up some more disposable income. Now to go waste time with dreamweaver.

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