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20.03.00 - Mark

In my mind Million Dollar Baby won best film hands down. The Aviator was really good, and the directing was possibly better (but not much) than Eastwood's. The acting was good in both films - even DeCaprio wasn't terrible. In the end tho' you feel so much more for the characters in Million Dollar Baby, its easier to relate to them and there's far more to take in (more characters loose something important) Its a little hard to associate with a megalomaniac schizophrenic obsessed with a flying football field, but it is fun to watch, a whole lot of fun.

Both films hold their own, but compared to one another, Million Dollar Baby has to take it. Its a lot deeper than the Avaitor. I came away from it wanting the entire state of Florida to see it, the Avaitor, well some things go boom, some people go nuts, and the only people I want to see it explicitly are the neat freaks I can (and do) ignore so easily.

In related news I now know the best time to see movies. Weekday matinees. Yesterday there were a dozen people in the theater with me, but it was a snow day. Today was not a snow day and there was noone in the room I didn't pay with.

It rocked.

To any Mount Airy resident who has been in the new cinema knows it a big place. Now imagine it empty. Pick a seat and watch a movie. Private showings, however they're conducted, rule. If you have an afternoon to waste and there's a good (read: intellegent) movie in, go to a weekday afternoon showing with a friend or two.

The new place is very reasonable as well, on par with the what the Downtown cinema costs. So it was a good winter afternoon. Think that's it for now, May go see the Incredibles this weekend, but thats a few days off. After that I should have this movie thing out of my system

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