23.29.14 - Mark

Today has been long and drawn out, but I did get some hacking done. I dug up that can of Hammered Metal black paint and sprayed an old Nokia Cell Phone and an ADB mouse I had laying around. I'm letting them finish drying but the phone plastics look great already- just a little wet at the edges. The Mouse looks fine as well, I'm thinking of finding a red LED and adding it in to the mouse so that it goes with the Phoenix and the keyboard I did for her a while back. I didn't do the cables but I should still have some black paint around here, in any case thats easy enought to do. I'll have to de gunk the mouse a little bit as the rollers didn't come out (bad, very bad) and they have some paint on them but they should both turn out fine. I also shot a good part of a roll of film so I should have some pictures. I'm going camping this weekend so I should be droping off some film next week anyways. Also, my family's offer for the house we liked was accepted today. I could have a real lab again by May Day. As I said its been a good day.

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