21.07.22 - Mark

For most of today, I've been wondering about a report on one of the news channels I saw. No video, just one of those maps with a face while the guy talks. And his story bugged me. It was something like "we're sorry we don't have video but we're being shot at" theres a mild panic to this but I think "OK, let's listen" but as his story continues and his initial panic fades away I realize that if anything he's saying is true then theres going to be a background noise. Insted of the weapons fire, and a mild panic/fear combination around the Marines he's with, theres a strange silence. This is live, on a mobile phone somewhere in Iraq, supposedly in a bunker with a handful of soldiers who are supposedly talking about how scared they are between returning fire, because they are being shot at by Iraqi forces "a matter of yards away". Grqanted I've never been in combat but I know about recoding sound. If any of thats true he's either holding the mic up to his lips or he's BSing the stations viewers.

The first of those to options seems unlikely, as anyone who has recorded sounds with a mic millimeters away from thier face knows, you will get a blowing sound. I didn't hear any blowing sounds. So that leaves me with the other option, and a question.

Are American reporters telling lies to they viewers who depend on them for the truth, because the US government wants them to?

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