Spending spree

21.50.12 - Mark

I ended up ordering my Bluetooth headset last night about 3 am, they were selling like crazy too so I'm glad I'm a nightowl. In addition to that Matt and I made a run out to Lowe's hardware to get material to build some cabinet doors (he's glad I have a license and car keys). Anyways he got a pile of metal hardware and half a dozen sheets of 2'x4' boards and on the way out I spotted some regular sheet metal. I've been working a fridge in a mac for a while now, slowly amassing the parts needed for a peltier based minifridge. The last main component has been a sheet metal enclosure to act as the cooling side heatsink, and I've been putting it off since I thought it would be expencive (at one point I was eyeballing an old filing cabnet for its sheet metal) anyways we're set to check out and as an impulse I grabbed a big sheet of 26 gauge metal (24"x36"). $7. I can't believe how wrong I was about the cost. Anyways I've got pretty much everything I need to make the minifridge except for sorting out which powersully I'm going to use to power the junction, so with luck I'll be able to finish up the FridgeMac in a few days (depending on how much I procrastinate)

I'm happy. Bluetooth head set for a mere $30 post rebates and sheet metal for my fridge mac. I'm thrilled. Anyways I just finished Dling the latest podcasts so I'm going to go out of my evening walk.


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