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02.24.24 - Mark

I'm not big on posting about natural disasters other than those in my own backyard, but I was listing to Off the Hook (a radioshow from 2600) and they brought up a couple of interesting points. NOAA and the US governemtn are complaining about how they knew about the eathquake, and the effected asian countries didn't, and that the asian countries could not be warned in time because of jurisdiction crap. Well as 2600 pointed out why not use the media? All it would have taken was one PR talking head to go on the record at CNN, Reuters, BBC and the effected countries would have known. No BS about it. Now I don't know what good it would have done as there doesn't seem to be any awareness in the area, but simply take a look at tornadoes in the midwest of huricanes in the east. The media reports the event and what to do. Usually evacuations occur (mostly orderly) but after preperations are taken at homes and businesses. Tornadoes are a better example as they occur about as fast as the Tsunami did. Thanks to the media warnings deaths from tornadoes are extremely low as compared to the pre-mass media era. Don't know, but the red tape excuse is crap. All it would have taken was one expect to leak the report.

The other thing pointed out on OTH was on the $45 million the US government is pledging for relief in relation to the cost of the War in Iraq. They suggested that the $45 million going to the effected countries pays for an hour and a half to two hours in Iraq. There wasn't a source to those numbers so I did my own checking. The USA is paying about $115,000 every minute we spend in Iraq (source: Oppurtunity Costs of the Iraq War @ The center for American Progress). By those numbers I get 6 hours in Iraq. Either way thats a horrible ratio. We've screwed ourselves with the Iraq war fiasco. We made a mess we shouldn't have and now we're paying to clean it up with both cash and as a world leader. If we want to reclaim our title as a positive world leader, we need to give away more than 6 hours of war.

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