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02.05.39 - Mark

A while back some resourceful programmer developed a linux build that ran on his iPod. Nothing really came of it at the time but now more programers have joined in and have created Podzilla (what is it with open source and *zillas?) Now this is cool. Its easy to install, doesn't wipe out your iPod completely, plays your MP3s and oggs (no AACs and certainly no DMRed AACs) without much problem, and it provides a bunch of new features like more games, can turn the iPod into a web server (with a host computer attached to do the net connection) and the one I really like is record audio without an adapter

Among other things I've been recording meetings recently, and would love to use my iPod as a replacement device. I am thinking about doing a podcast but as I have an iBook my options are limited to adapters (USB/iBook or mic adapter/iPod) or bluetooth. I would just love to use a cheap headset to record part of a podcast while I'm out walking/listing to podcasts. Being able to comment on some audio clip without hauling around my iBook would be awesome. doesn't look Like I'll be doing it that way as it looks like I will be going the bluetooth route (hit upon a really sweet deal for a bluetooth headset), but it would still be something cool to play with, especially for longer public meetings where an iBook might prove distracting or if a bluetooth headset get a decent pickup.

Adam Curry is thrilled with this project find the daily source code podcasts for December 28th and 29th and I don't blame him. One free program from some resourceful coders is exceeding the quality provided by $30-$40 adapters. I can't wait until they bring support for the 4G iPods like mine so I can mess around with it.

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